Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Small Moisture Problem Becomes Big Mold Problem

A small leak that was left unchecked caused a lot of moisture to accumulate in this room and eventually caused a large mold problem to develop, as you can see on the walls in this picture.

Mold After Flood

This room developed a serious mold problem that was caused by moisture that was leftover after a flood. You can see from the flood lines that there had been a large amount of water in this room.

Mold Found In Wall

This mold was found in an area that wasn't often checked. A moisture problem caused a mold problem that you can see on the wall in the picture. If you find mold and need help, call us!

Mold Growth On Wall

The mold on this wall developed as a result of a moisture problem that went unchecked as this home sat vacant for a short amount of time. Our team removed the moisture problem and the mold.

Mold Debris Removal

This home suffered a serious mold loss and we were called in to remove all the mold and moisture and repair the damage. This bag is full of materials that are ready for disposal from that process.

Equipped for Your Mold Loss

Dealing with mold can be difficult. Our team is trained and equipped to handle your mold loss situation any time. If you have a mold loss situation, give us a call. We'll make it "Like it never even happened."